What we do.

Game & Sotware development

We are experienced game & software developers. Give us your specifications and we'll develop the software for you.

We can deploy our software on many platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows using Adobe AIR™ or Unity™ technologies.

Technical & Technology management

You'd like to develop a game, you have an idea but no technical skills. We can help ! Give us a detailed description of your idea and the functionalities you want your game/software to have. In return we'll tell you the best technology to use (the one that fits the best with your project) and we'll write the technical specifications for you. Then you're free to go to the next step either with our development service or with any developer of your choosing.

Medical & health projects advisor

PFor any medical or health related projet, we offer advice and expertise from our in-house physician. Please, feel free to contac us if you have any project of this kind or/and if you need an expert validation of your contents.


What we did.

Save Our Souls : Episode 1

Serious Game

Save Our Souls : Episode 2

Serious Game

Virtual patient™

Prototype R&D project


Our history.

  • 2009

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We are a french company that is born on January 2009. It was created to build and/or edit regular and serious video games and software around medical & health topics.

  • October 2009

    Our first game is Born

    Save Our Souls Episode 1 was our first game released on the Apple App Store. It's an adventure game (point & click type) in which the player is a young first-aid worker named Ethan. You can read more about it in the portfolio section.

  • January 2010

    Our first "app"

    As we've created the company around the medical domain, we developed a little pedometer that was really useful to some of our crew :-P !

  • July 2010

    NOur second game

    After more than 100 000 downloads of the first opus, Save Our Souls Episode 2 was issued. It's the next chapter of our game developed in 2009. You can read more about it in the portfolio section.

  • 2012

    The Virtual Patient™ experiment

    As one of our company owner is a doctor (a real life physician) and as we are truly interested in the medical field, we tried an experiment : to create a virtual patient with a rudimentary AI that has human-like behaviour and presents various symtoms and signs of an illness. The "game" was to try to make the good diagnosis. This project was more intended to medical school students than the average regular player. It still is a prototype that is working for proof of concept. If anyone is interested in investing in that projet, let us know !

  • Today

    A development studio

    Since the second part of Save Our Souls, the studio worked on many other projects as subcontractor and/or technical advisor. But Save Our Souls is not dead ! We're willing to go on with this project as the scenario is long time written but we wait for cash and time to engage production.

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